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Redownload all iTunes purchases in one go

You can find a list of all your previous purchases from iTunes by going to iTunes Store: Music: Purchased. There is unfortunately no way there to actually download all of your purchases in one go.

There is a “Download All” button at the bottom of My Purchases, but if you look closer on the page it will only download the 250 most recently purchased songs. To download everything from this page, you must go through your library artist by artist and click Download All on each page to fetch your entire library. This can be very time consuming and frustrating with a large library. Luckily there is a better way:

  1. Go to iTunes: Music: My Music

You should see all of your music that is available on iTunes in the Cloud in My Music. However, iTunes will show a screen asking you to Scan for Music or Go to the iTunes Store before your library has loaded. If your library have not loaded yet, make sure you’re logged in to the iTunes Store and that your computer is authorized from the Account menu. You may need to wait a few minutes for your library information to be downloaded and displayed in My Music.

Once your library has loaded, you can continue:

  1. Switch from viewing albums to songs using the menu in the top right
  2. Select everything in the list by pressing Command–A on Mac or Control+A on Windows
  3. Right‐click anywhere on the selection and choose “Make available offline”
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The new iTunes 12.2 app icon

Everything should start downloading now. Depending on your network connection and the number of songs, it may take hours or days to download everything. You cannot quit iTunes when downloading have started, so make sure you have adequate time and battery power available for the whole library to download. If you see error dialogs noting that some downloads have failed, open the Downloads menu from the toolbar and choose Resume All from the context‐menu.

You can use the same method to download all your movies and books too:

  1. Go to iTunes: Movies: My Movies, or iTunes: Books: My Books or My Audiobooks
  2. Repeat step 3–4

It can be kind of confusing that the Download All button on the My Purchases page doesn’t actually download everything. I hope this will come in handy for someone as it took me quite a while to figure out how to avoid having to download everything from iTunes in small batches.


  1. When I right click on the list, “make available offline” is not a choice. What am I missing?

    1. I’ve seen this happen once when the list hadn’t fully loaded. Just wait a little while and try again when your full library has loaded. It could also be that you’ve downloaded some of the items in the list already. The option is only available for items that haven’t already been downloaded. Try selecting smaller portions of the list rather then entire list. Click somewhere in the list, hold the Shift key pressed, and click further down the list to select smaller subsets of the library.

  2. Ha, turns out that (at least in this version) the correct option is “download” and not “make available offline”. Thanks!

  3. So close, Daniel, and yet not quite. I am sure Apple updates iTunes just to break helpful advice like this. I assumed when my right-click on the selection of every purchased song offered “download” but not “make available…” that download was equivalent. But it crashed with “unknown error 3048” message. On a second try, the DOWNLOAD option had disappeared from the pop-up menu! on 3rd attempt , it was back. After several such flip flops I discovered the problem. One song on an album of 100 Tchaikovsky pieces has a defect…will play for a minute of its alleged 13 minute length then quit and has a permanent “downloading” status [the cloud icon with downward arrow]. When that one song is unselected, the DOWNLOAD option goes away because all other songs are downloaded already…that is my theory.

  4. I was about to complain that this tip did not work for me. As I was about to submit the comment, the list in Itunes populated with my songs. Just had to wait longer than I thought. Thanks for the solution.

  5. Thank you! I just wish Apple offered a “preference” setting so iTunes would automatically download everything instead of making users do it….I mean, maybe for my phone (with limited storage), assuming we don’t WANT to download is “thoughtful” on their part. Bur for my desktop hard drive? Tired of Apple trying to “think” for me….

  6. My problem is that some purchases I have in the “Purchased” area do not appear in the main list of songs in the library. There are no “Hidden Purchases” available either. Any ideas??

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