Asus RP‐AC52 mounted on wall

Resetting an Asus RP‐AC52 Wi‐Fi range extender

Asus’ home network products are fairly decent and powerful though they’re poorly documented. One area where the documentation was completely missing was how to reset one of their Wi‐Fi range extenders/repeaters.

Unlike many other tech products and certainly most consumer network products, it’s not enough to power the device off and hold the Reset button while powering it on. The first problem you are likely to encounter is a configuration lockout: After a while, the repeater may disable the administration interface and the Reset button. You can power it off and on again to get it back in normal operating mode.

You must also disconnect both the 3,5 mm audio jack cable and any Ethernet cables you’ve got connected. The device won’t go into recovery mode if there is a connected audio cable. It will enter recovery mode with an Ethernet cable connected, but if there is another DHCP server on the network (from your other router or modem), the range extender will not turn on its own DHCP server and you may not be able to reach the administration interface to set it up again.

The undocumented reset instructions should be the following:

  1. Unplug all cables and the repeater itself
  2. Put the repeater back in the wall‐socket and wait one minute. Don’t plug any of the cables back in until you’ve reconfigured the repeater to your liking.
  3. Press a pin or toothpick into the hole above the power switch where the Reset button sits. Keep pressing for 30 seconds and don’t release until the rapidly flashing lights have stopped.

The extender is now resetting to factory settings. If you start or stop pressing too soon, the repeater may merely reboot and not actually reset. Connect to its Wi‐Fi network (it should be named something like ASUS_RPAC52 depending on your exact model) and open The link will only work after you’ve connected to the repeater’s own network.

Asus RP-AC52 plugged into a wallsocket with an Ethernet cable attached

Two troublesome ports when wanting to reset an Asus Wi‐Fi repeater

This method was verified using an RP‐AC52 as shown above. However, the firmware and hardware is nearly identical and should work on the RP‐N53, RP‐N14, and the RP‐AC56 and RP‐N12.

None of this is documented on Asus’ support website nor in the manual for the range repeater. After talking to their support staff via chat, it became clear that they didn’t know how to reset their product either. They suggested that I try holding the Reset button for just ten seconds or pressing it while powering the repeater on; which definitely does not work with this repeater.

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  1. Hi! I just bought this repeater from Amazon and I’m having troubles setting it up, and I didn’t know how to reset to factory settings.

    I’ll follow these instructions and try again. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Hi! This worked for me. I should keep pressing for about 1 min. and 20 sec. with firmware version Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey just to update this post. I have the exact same model and these steps don’t quite work. What worked for me is to power the device on; wait for it to boot up and then press the ‘Reset’ button. This will then cause the device to blink rapidly. I waited 30 seconds (the blinking never stopped) and released the button. AP reset and I was able to reconfigure.

    Oh and just one more thing. your page is just about the ONLY place to find instructions on how to perform a reset so WELL DONE!

    1. Every product I’ve bought lately have had absolutely terrible documentation – if any at all. This article sees quite a bit of traffic every day, so there is clearly a need here that Asus isn’t addressing. Product manuals aren’t fashionable anymore.

  4. After the hole reset, it will only hit 99% at the last step of the configuration… Someone please explain what I can do to get it functional again

    1. The repeater could have been damaged? Hard to tell without having the device in front of me. You could try turning it off and leaving it off for a little while before plugging it back in. I do believe you may have to contact Asus for a replacement, however.

  5. Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for your instructions. On my RP-AC52, I had to hold down the reset button for 90s with a paperclip after turning the power back on for it to reset into config mode. Annoyingly long!

    Had firmware q, previously on s when it started playing up, hence the downgrade.

    1. I’m glad I could help you resolve the problem.

      It’s really a shame that the firmware needs resetting every few months. It works so well for a while and then the device just becomes stupid and people can’t even figure out how to reset the damned thing.

      I’m starting to wonder whether different hardware revisions or maybe firmware versions have different reset procedures and that is why ASUS can’t give a definitive answer to how it’s supposed to be done.

      1. Configuration lockout..
        If the repeater disable the administration interface it’s likely that something inappropriate is saved in the browser. Clear web history, temporary files and cookies and it will work again. Or install a new browser. 😉

  6. Great – thanks for this very helpful post.

    An obvious point is make sure that the repeater is ON. : )

    I use a paper clip and I had to hold it in for about 80 – 90 seconds (like Shreshth) while the device worked through its light show. I had to refresh my network adapter display a few times. At first the ASUS device showed up with its old name – after about 45 – 60 seconds it appeared in the list with a generic name – now reset.
    You can then connect via WPS (looks like you press the button the ASUS device first), via CAT 5 or wirelessly.
    a few links:
    I used my device for a while and then had it sitting around for a year. It’s back in action!
    Good luck.

  7. Thanks for publishing this information. It is very much appreciated.
    You are the finest example of what makes the internet a sharing community.

  8. Hi – thanks for sharing this. I have a RP-AC52 too and had trouble with it after changing the Operation Mode and some settings. I was unsuccessful resetting the RP-AC52 until I read your post. Just a couple of comments to help others too:

    If you have Firmware version like me (manually update since auto doesn’t work), I don’t think the flashing lights will stop during a reset. Just hold on to reset button for awhile while it factory resets.
    Download and run ASUS’s Device Discovery if you’re not sure what’s the IP Address of your the RP-AC52 on your network. This is required to sign on and make configuration changes. If the IP address is not in the same IP Address range of your primary router, your repeater may still connect to this new (extended) network but will likely work, and/or it cannot connect to the Internet.

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